Vagit Alekperov has presented a landmark investment project in Volgograd within the Year of Ecology

The first Southern Russia’s solar plant will appear in Volgograd in 2018. The eco-friendly energy will supply the refinery. This landmark project has become the keynote at the meeting of Andrey Bocharov, Governor of the Volgograd region, and Vagit Alekperov, President of Lukoil.

The visit of Lukoil’s President to Volgograd was held on 8 September. At first Vagit Alekperov and Andrey Bocharov took part in the award ceremony of the best regional refining representatives. The event was dedicated to the company anniversary and Oilman Day. The regional head has highly evaluated the company’s contribution to the development of the region, and social projects’ effect.

The retreat, dedicated to the issues if Volgograd refinery, was held at the Southern industrial area. But before the session, the innovation was presented – the VGO deep conversion unit, which ensured the increase in Euro-5 diesel capacity. The launch of the unit took place on 31 May 2016.

– The major industrial hub is situated in the city’s southern part, with the security being the top priority. The refinery has become the flagman of addressing the ecological issues. Such state-of-the-at approach should be borrowed by other regional enterprises, – The governor highlighted.

The solar perspective

Vagit Alekperov explained that the company is interested in the expansion within the region and succeeds in it: recently, the company’s overall investment portfolio in the region has exceeded 115bn RUB. 200 job opportunities have been created with refining capacities boosted.

The focus on modernisation and environmental compliance is proven by the company’s new projects. The session featured the discussion on the construction of a power plant with a capacity of 12 MW per annum, based on solar energy. This is an unprecedented facility in the Russian South, and will enable the multiple hydrocarbon emission reduction.

The project execution has started, and this month will feature the completion of construction and installation works. The plant commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2018.

The company has experience in similar projects abroad – in Romania and Bulgaria.

In general, a total of 10 SPPs are already operating in Russia, with the Orenburg region being the leader having 4 facilities. The Volgograd SPP is aimed for power supply of the Volgograd refinery, the largest refinery in the Southern Federal District.

Solar energy is one of the most promising RES trends, as its output can be used for heating, electricity supply and water supply. Moreover, the solar energy itself has no negative footprint on the environment. In the next decades and centuries, the sun will grow into a sustainable, safe and cheap energy source.

However, there are some challenges, such as the necessity in silicon for PV panels, the production of which is not eco-friendly and cheap. Besides, the plants need large spaces. But, despite these factors, solar power pays back and has an ever-growing appeal due to its benefits. It will soon compete the conventional carriers, such as gas and oil.

The ground-breaking Volgograd project represents the first practice of alternative energy application in the region. Furthermore, the local climate and location features will favourably affect its performance. The estimated project cost is 1.5bn RUB.



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