Total investment in the power sector of the Krasnoyarsk territory is slated to reach 74bn RUB

The industry programme for the power sector development within 2018 through 2020 is approved in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The period’s total investment will exceed 73,8bn RUB.

Dmitriy Usenkov, regional Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Trade, has presented report on the industry development.

As follows from the report, from 2016 by 2020, the annual power generation will grow from 65 595 up to 68 763 bn kWh by means of capacities’ retrofit and reconstruction. For instance, hydro turbine runners will be replaced at Krasnoyarsk HPP, key assets will be retrofitted and renovated at Krasnoyarsk RPS 2 in Zelenogorsk and Beryozovsk RPS in Sharypovo, and generation equipment will be replaced in Norilsk.

Considerable funds will be invested in boosting the transformer capacities and renovating substations.

By the start of Universiade, IDGC of Siberia intends to rehabilitate the grid infrastructure, build the new grids and transformer substations, to ensure the faultless city power supply 5bn RUB worth.

The investment in the next three years will reach 73,8bn RUB.


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