The Ministry of Energy has proposed to introduce new liabilities for turbine producers

Andrey Cherezov, Russian Deputy Minister of Energy, has announced that the Ministry of Energy suggests obliging foreign and Russian producers to disclose the turbine control code.

As announced by Cherezov, the Ministry of Energy has developed the draft of bill setting the rules of the prevention of external and internal threats to information security at Russian electricity facilities.

“We should clearly know the codes of various levels. If all codes are disclosed then we have no questions. If the companies entered the market, got certified and revealed control codes, they can operate and obtain information”, – according to Cherezov.

As reported by the Deputy Minister, such requirements will be imposed on both the foreign and Russian companies.

“So, the foreign companies shouldn’t think they are disqualified, as all producers will be in equal conditions.”, – he said.

He also added that the requirement will not cause big expenses, and the change had been comprehensively discussed with companies concerned.

“We had the public consultation on the draft of bill. Foreign companies were actively engaged in discussion. We took into account about 70% of their requests”, – Cherezov informed.



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