The energy staff of EUROCEMENT Group improve their qualification

The energy specialists of EUROCEMENT Group have completed the advanced training programme on gas reciprocating cogeneration equipment O&M. The training was conducted on the premises of “Nevyansk cement” by Wartsila (Finland) specialists, the leading supplier of power equipment and technologies. The energy specialists training is carried out within the framework of the large-scale Eurocement Group’s programme for the launch of onsite generation totalling 400 MW нat the holding sites. One of the key suppliers of equipment for new power plants is Wartsila. Modern power plants are equipped with complex, high-precision, automated equipment, which requires higher maintenance culture and personnel qualification, so there is a great focus on personnel training. “To ensure safe and efficient performance of a power station, each constituent system should be comprehensively analysed before the commissioning. Training process at the stage of commissioning will allow the specialists both competently operating the unit, and carry out the maintenance services”, – Viktor Dedyukhin, Master of Nevyansky TPP reported. Under the guidance of professional coaches from Wartsila, Tuomo Coscuella and Ville Tikkanen, the specialists learnt the algorithms of each plant system, safe motor maintenance and auxiliary unit operation, as well as learnt to synchronise and regulate the load, in compliance with grid requirements, and implement base maintenance activities. To complete the course, the specialists passed the exam and received a certificate. Yuriy Alifir, Serviceman of power equipment at “Petersburgcement”, succeeded at the exam the most. The programme for the launch of onsite generation within the Group is carried out for increasing the energy efficiency of the Russian cement industry, improving the production eco-friendliness and reducing the product cost. At present Eurocement Group’s power capacity is estimated at 120 MW, with onsite generation facilities operating at “Mordovcement”, “Sengileyevsky cement”, “Nevyansky cement”, and under construction facilities at “Petersburgcement” and “Caucasuscement”.



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