Solar energy has edged out coal energy at growth rate for the first time in 2016

The development pace of solar power plants has first-ever exceeded that of the coal ones last year, as reported by IEA. According to IEA, 2016 registered the gain in solar capacities by 50%, totalling 74 GW. Gain in coal power capacities totalled 54 GW. The share of RES in bulk accounted for two thirds (164 GW) throughout the year.

The most significant gain in capacities was recorded in China. As forecasted by IEA, by 2022, the USA, China and India will grow into the global leaders at alternative energy boost. The indicators of solar energy growth rate in the EU have, by contrast, fallen by 40%. Nevertheless, the experts predict that RES capacities will grow by a third in the next 4 years totalling 8 k TWh. As IEA anticipates, RES share will reach 30% by 2022 (compared to 24% in 2016).

The Russian energy sector initiated the dispute on RES support system reform in August. Before 2024, the Russian RES will be supported by the power market, owing to increased user payments. But the instrument capabilities have reached the limit, and regulators consider switching to industrial policy support measures. Green energy is suggested being subsidized from Pension funds, budget funds or cheap loans and customs duty privileges.


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