Sinyavinskaya poultry farm will convert manure into energy

The project stipulates for complete utilization of farm waste

Sinyavinskaya poultry farm intends to build a manure to energy conversion plant. The project features Energokomplektatsiya company specialised in bioenergy and energy conservation developments.

The new biogas unit will become the Russian pilot project. The poultry farm allocates 2 ha of land for the project and will use the electricity and heat produced. The project will be carried out in two stages. The first phase will stipulate for processing 50% of daily manure yield, with reaching full capacities at the second phase. The first phase will last for 2 years. The investment amount is undisclosed.

The technology of controlled anaerobic fermentation for chicken manure processing will considerably reduce the environmental footprint, расand is considered highly efficient, though requires higher CAPEX. The bioreactor fermentation depends on the substrate microbiology, highly disposed to external factors. So intelligent process planning and compliance during operation is one of the vital conditions of project execution. However, the FEED showed high PBP potential. According to the Energokomplektatsiya’s experts, delayed decision-making on adopting these technologies derives from investment priorities. The absence of state support and imperfect livestock and poultry waste disposal regulation system hold back the investment in modern processing technologies.

Sinyavinskaya poultry farm established in 1978 is now a major commercial egg producer in Russia. The enterprise annually produces 1.3 billion eggs, occupying 3% of the Russian market.

Rusgrain Holding bought the farm in 2016 for 7bn RUB. As reported by, in 2015, the revenues totalled 5.1bn RUB (in 2014 — 4.4bn RUB), net income accounts for 207.4 m RUB.



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