RUSAL has proposed a number of energy efficiency initiatives

RUSAL offers to release the power consuming and energy efficient enterprise from excessive generating fees, and other non-market extra charges. By RUSAL’s estimates, the cross subsidization in 2017 totals 687bn RUB, with its share in the final market price corresponding to 15-25%.

The key tool for energy efficiency improvement and consumer load shedding is the market technology of price responsive demand, which represents the voluntary change of energy consumption as a result of stimulating payments. The instrument improves the grid performance, allowing the operator to regulate generation and consumption balance. RUSAL is among the initiators and developers of this mechanism in Russia. The economic effect of Jan-Jul 2017 totals 25,56m RUB.

RUSAL is actively engaged in development and adoption of innovative solutions, tailored for energy efficiency enhancement and environmental footprint reduction. The important milestone in 2016 was the commissioning of electrolysis cells РА-550 having the benefits of 10-15% lower energy consumption equalling 12 kWh per kg.

RUSAL cutting edge is also indicated by the access to RES: more than 90% of electricity for RUSAL’s aluminium facilities comes from HPPs and other non-C generation. Owing to this, the company is among the top performers at HC emissions per product ton, thus contributing to organic fuel economy.


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