RN-Yuganskneftegaz heads for energy efficiency

RN-Yuganskneftegaz is among the leaders of Oil producing companies 2016 Ranking, as a result of introducing the Energy management system among Rosneft branches.

One of the projects stipulates for the use of valve immersion engine for operating the pumping wells, ensuring the energy economy of up to 7 – 10%.

Permanent magnet rotor engines is a promising development path for immersion equipment. Today PMRE are actively used at the fields of Priobsky and Pravdinsky areas. The company’s well fund equipped with such engines accounts for 20%, with the level of 5-7% in other oil and gas companies.

RN Yuganskneftegaz is a leader of HC production and energy saving policy. The annual electricity economy already exceeds 16 m kWh pa. “Today we aim to shift to energy efficient designs. We intend to reach the level of 30, 40, and finally 100% energy efficient design.”

RN Yuganskneftegaz is a major Rosneft’s branch. It operates at 33-license areas totalling 19 k sq km. The enterprise annually produces 60 mtpa of crude, with reserves totalling 2.7 bn t.

Source: angi.ru


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