Putin arrives in China to present project of Asian electricity grid

On May 14-15, Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in the international forum “One Belt, One Road” held in Beijing, where he will deliver a number of initiatives aimed at deepening integration on the Eurasian continent.
As an assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov told reporters, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, President of China Xi Jinping and Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres are expected to speak at the forum’s opening ceremony, which will bring together heads of states and governments of 29 countries, as well as directors of major international organizations.
In addition, at one of the round tables within the framework of the forum, Vladimir Putin will talk about a Russian initiative of the creation of the Asian energy ring, which could combine power systems of Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and possibly other countries.
source: Строительство


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