Orenburgneft has provided faultless energy supplies to the Olkhovsky field The automated substation as of 20 MVA was built

Orenburgneft (Rosneft subsidiary) has launched the new Olkhovskaya substation with a capacity of 20 MVA. The facility is designed for improving the power supplies to the Olkhovsky field.

The substation is equipped with domestic new-gen switching devices, and modern data measurement, processing and transferring systems. The facility applies digital data display tools, which enables reducing the time of immediate decision-making. The facility is fully coordinated by the automation system.
Extra transformer capacity is needed for production growth at the field.

Olkhovksy field is among top seven fields of the. It was discovered 30 years ago. ROIP АВС1 is 22,142 mtpa of oil.


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