Novokuibyshevsk refinery adopts best energy saving practices

The focused effort for introducing the latest energy efficiency technologies allows the enterprise saving dozens of millions RUB annually, reducing the environmental footprint, and improving the enterprise competitiveness.

One of the energy efficiency approaches is energy saving, as well as fuel and energy cost reduction. Novokuibyshevsk refinery pays enormous attention to this, carrying out annual and 5-year energy saving programmes.

These efforts give considerable effects. As reported by Alexey Beznyakov, Energy Lead at Novokuibyshevsk refinery, the H1 2017 featured the economy of 6 m kWh of electricity, 36 k Gcal of heat and 3.5 k t of reference fuel because of the measures taken. The total economic effect is estimated at 66m RUB.

For instance, the introduction of energy-saving power drive rpm control is partially realized. As reported by Alexey Beznyakov, the activities at CDU-11 and DCU are ahead. The pumping machinery at these units will also be equipped with rpm control. In fact, over 50% of refinery lights are LED, which is also a good economy.

Cost free activities are also implemented. The intelligent monitoring of liquid and gas fuel prices gives a great effect. The enterprise shifts to a cheaper fuel immediately.

The achievements of refinery in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement are certified at the international level. In 2016 the enterprise was successfully certified ISO5001, and now recertification audit preparation is underway.



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