Magadanenego is connecting the new HV line Orotukan – Palatka – Central

Magadanenergo, Rushydro’s subsidiary, will carry out the reconstruction of Central, Orotukan and Palatka stations for technological connection with the new 220kV HV line.

Central and Orotukan host preparation and mantling activities.

The specialists will install 1D cells with transformers, isolators, circuit breakers, switchgear and control gear, and controlled shunt reactors.

The activities at Palatka substation are scheduled for 2018.

The substations are equipped with domestic equipment, for cost reduction within the project.

The project cost is estimated at 1,8bn RUB.

The company has set to connect the new HV line to the Magadan grid in the late 2018.

This will result in higher reliability of power supplies in the region and improved power supplies to Yano-Kolyma gold ore province.


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