Lukoil Komi improves APG utilisation performance

Lukoil Komi has increased the capacity utilization of APG up to 90,9 %. This is associated with the completion of a number of projects, such as construction of power parks at на Usinsky and Yarega fields, construction of crude treatment unit at Denisovsky fields, and reconstruction of Usinsky gas processing plant.
The ramped up growth of APG capacity utilisation is recorded since the beginning of 2017, announced as the Russian Year of Ecology.
The power parks use APG as a fuel for GTPP.
The reconstruction of Usinsky GPP allowed a considerable increase in APG treatment. The blue fuel produced at the facility is used in all Usinsk gas ovens and several industrial boiler houses.
Amine gas sweetening units at Denisovksy fields ensure separation of hydrogen sulphide, which is used for production of chemical industry feedstock – sulphur pellets.
A number of new projects are also planned for the near future, to enhance the APG capacity utilisation even more. Reconstruction of booster stations at Usinsky field is among them.


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