Hevel Group and Rosseti intend to develop solar diesel hybrid power plants

Hevel and Rosseti have concluded the cooperation agreement for the construction of autonomous hybrid electric units based on new-gen heterostructure PV modules, which will supply power to remote and isolated areas.

The document signed by the companies’ decision-makers has become a sound progress of combined efforts ensuring sustainable power supply for remote territories without building expensive grid infrastructure, where it is not economically viable due to high distance between the end users and centralised grid.

The first joint project was the construction of solar diesel hybrid power plant, comprising PV modules totalling 120 kW, two diesel generators as of 200 kW each, and a 300-kWh energy storage system in Menza village of the Zabaikalye Territory. The plant was commissioned in the early 2017, and has already saved 80 t of diesel.

Source: energybase.ru


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