GE creates a robot to save $200bn globally

The American cross-discipline General Electric Corporation is developing the concept of using artificial intelligence in electric grids. This technology will ensure saving $200bn globally owing to the enhanced energy efficiency.

“We extensively invest in machine learning technologies. A host of company’s personnel are working upon this technology now”, – Steven Martin, Director of Digital Technologies, General Electric Energy.

The technology under development will be able to improve the process of current flow through storage devices, such as accumulators and energy consumption points. It will allow considerably optimizing the energy system efficiency, thus saving the consumers’ money.

The researchers are now exploring the way of integrating the machine learning into various companies, specialised in healthcare, research, and energy. The latter has been recently undergoing through immense changes. Digitisation concerns both power plants, and domestic power systems.

General Electric is actively engaged on the Russian market, and has decided to significantly expand the presence footprint. As was reported by “Vesti Economy”, the American corporation considers power equipment production localisation in Russia. GE and HV equipment facility “Electroapparat” had signed the related agreement.

The parties will evaluate the prospects for the creation of joint venture producing HV equipment on the premises of ” Electroapparat “, located in Saint Petersburg. In particular, the option of producing GIS, isolators, transformers, relaying and automation is under consideration.

General Electric points to localisation of equipment before 750 kW ensuring the comprehensive approach to power industry modernisation and automation in Russia. The JV products will be based on 50% components made in Russia.



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