Gas supply ACS for Yarega power park (LUKOIL-Komi) is installed at the facility.

LUKOIL-Komi is building the onsite power park based on GT cogeneration plant on the Yarega petro-titanium field. Construction activities are carried out by LUKOIL-Energoengineering. The installed capacity of GT cogeneration plant totals to 75 MW, with heat capacity equalling to 79.5 Gcal-hr. The generating equipment comprises 3 generator sets GTPP-25PA manufactured by Aviadvigatel, based on GT units GTE-25PA as of 25 MW each. Three heat recovery boilers with overall evaporation capacity as of 132 tph are installed at the GT cogeneration plant to deliver heat capacity. Yarega power park runs on natural gas from the Kuryino-Patrakovsky gas condensate field. The necessary gas quality in compliance with design properties of cleanliness, temperature and pressure will be provided by multifunctional gas treatment and supply system ENERGAZ containing the unit gas conditioning system, 4-package gas booster station, and motorized gas feed valves. The processing unit is effectively controlled, managed and operated by the automated control system – Gas supply ACS (GS ACS). GS ACS represents the full-fledged two-level system, which performs the following functions: controlling, maintaining and protecting the configured options; obtaining the credible data from distributed facilities; compulsory checking and managing the process flow; process and equipment visualisation and state monitoring; options, events and activities database backup; GS ACS elements diagnosis and parameter configuration; data transfer to the upper process control system level. Key elements of GS ACS: local GBS and UGCS control systems, control cabinet, computerized operator position, and ESD station. Ethernet, and S7-connection and Profibus protocols provide for internal and external connection. All GS ACS components are installed at the operating floor. The upcoming pre-commissioning will include ACS lower and upper level systems interconnection and their further integration into the power park process control system. The commissioning is carried out by ENERGAZ.


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