Construction of Russia-Japan power bridge may start on Russia’s mainland

Russia and Japan are considering an option of building the power bridge between the countries from the city of Vladivostok, Russia’s Far East, Energy Minister Alexander Novak told journalists.
Earlier the countries discussed the constriction of the power bridge only from the island of Sakhalin.
“We are talking about laying a cable of a great capacity from Russia to Japan, We are considering different options – either from Sakhalin Island or from the mainland – Vladivostok,” he said.
Novak stressed that the discussion is continuing and the companies are studying the economic feasibility of the construction.
“At the present time, it cannot be said that any decisions have been taken on this project,” the minister said.
He added that the parties will try not to delay the final decision on the power bridge.
The idea of ••building a power bridge between Russia and Japan has been discussed since 2000. Previously the cost of the project was estimated at approximately $5.6 billion.

source: TASS


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