Altai Koks boosts energy efficiency

Altai Koks (NLMK Group) completes the adoption of automated system of electric power technical record-keeping, which ensures the boost of energy efficiency due to the opportunity of immediate response and decision-making.

The facilities undergo the installation of electricity meters and backup cables, in order to ensure the automated data transmission to the local database called the Energy sphere.

The database accumulates and processes all plant meter indications, and runs the daily reporting of electricity consumption across Altai Koks branches. Using these reports, energy experts can analyse and control electricity consumption volumes per each section, department or specific unit.

“Electricity meters were operating before at some facilities, but were not connected to the integrated metering system. The electricians were copying the indications by hand monthly, and then we combined them in the unified balance sheet, – as explained by Oleg Afanasyev, Head of Electricity Supply at Altai Koks. – The automated data transition enables monitoring and comparing energy consumption with product output live and immediately adopting measures focused on rational unit load. By our estimates, the annual economic effect of the automated system of electric power technical record-keeping exceeds 11.5m RUB.”



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