A model of next-gen highly efficient power system is under development in the Kaliningrad region

“The Kaliningrad region is the pioneer and only region in Russia, where the project for integrated transition to smart grid is underway, “- as noted by the First Deputy CEO at Rosseti Roman Berdnikov.

The Kaliningrad region hosted an extended visiting session of State Duma’s Energy Committee, featuring the Committee members, officials of the Ministry of Energy, Rosseti representatives and other generating companies. The session participants reviewed the President’s order execution and the Government roadmap realization on Kaliningrad region power supply development and North-West grid system integration.

At present, the federal and regional authorities combine efforts with the power sector players focused on Kaliningrad region’s power system modernisation and development, to provide sufficient capacities for current and prospective needs, improve energy safety and minimise blackout risks, even in case of Baltic states leaving the BRELL project and Russian enclave isolation.

The infrastructure created in the Kaliningrad region is based on the latest  technologies and equipment, representing the model of entire country’s future power system architecture, which will achieve another efficiency level in case of adequate regulation. “Such joint sessions allow finding consistent and win-win solutions”, – as remarked by Pavel Zavalny, Head of the Energy Committee.

The session participants examined the construction sites of new generating facilities in the region and the grid infrastructure, developed by Rosseti subsidiary – Yantarenergo – to transfer their capacities to World Championship-2018 sport and infrastructural facilities, as well as industrial and domestic customers.

Yantarenergo representatives highlighted that grid infrastructure modernisation will provide 780 MVA of transformer capacities from the modern and reliable grid units.

The special event focus was put on Rosseti’s highly efficient grid management and consumption measuring system “Digital Distribution Zone” based on SmartGrid technology and created within the framework of the National Energynet Incentive.

The Digital Distribution Zone presentation outlined that this is one of the pioneer case of Energynet practical realization, with the first phase completion  outcome completely fulfilling the  expected emergency and loss projections, and SAIDI/SAIFI enhancement.

In particular, the number of process upsets in the Bagrationovsky and Mamonovsky distribution zones hosting the pilot project, reduced 6 fold, with emergency recovery period decreasing 5 fold – from 4 hours down to 50 minutes. The losses are expected to be at least 50% cut (from the current 26% to the target 10%).

Yanterenergo also added that the performance indicators suggest that the payback period of smart grid equipment will not exceed 7 years, while the one of intelligent measuring systems will be 9 years maximum.

The overall ROI as of 249m RUB, will come from the energy loss minimisation and productive grid supply expansion, and consequently, grid company’s revenues enhancement.

“The Kaliningrad region is a unique area, featuring various peculiarities, which should be taken into account for  the creation of smart grid model, its efficiency feasibility and country-wide scaling. This will benefit the energy players and, above all,  consumers”, – as announced by the First Deputy CEO of Rosseti Roman Berdnikov.

In the course of extended session, its participants also discussed the relevant issues, facing the energy industry now, namely, legal incentives reflecting all industry participants’ interests.


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